20 Worst Streets In America

Record Flooding Forces North Dakota Residents To Evacuate
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Ever since the decline of industrial output in the United States started in the 1960s, America has experienced a surge in unemployment levels and the attendant side effects such as a drop in real wages, drug trafficking, gun violence, high crime rates, and homicides.

Inasmuch as just about every corner of the nation is affected, some areas have been disproportionately hard hit.

The gist of the discussions that follow shall be to identify, list and offer brief explanations on the top 20 dangerous streets (in terms of violent crime rates, homicides, burglary, and property crime) in the United States of America with the aim of aiding those on the lookout for a place to reside make informed decisions. Take a look at the 20 worst streets in America.