25 Worst Airports In The US

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(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

America has several airports and millions of travelers who need to use them. In ranking the worst US airports different criteria were used, and these are the criteria travelers usually adopt in using an airport.

One of the factors travelers consider in using an airport include on time arrivals, as well as on time departure. Other criteria that often adopted include the average arrival delay as well as the average departure delays.

Other factors used to rank airports include on time holiday departures, as well as the average security wait time, and so on. We equally consider amenities available in the airport, as well as accidents or incidents that have occurred in the airport, and measures taken to address those aviation challenges and so on.

When you arrive an airport, there are several things to enjoy about the time spent there. For instance, there should be restaurants and dining options available.

Duty free shopping, as well as salons, and other amenities that help travelers spend their waiting times at the airport are considered.

Security is a major issue in airports in the country and because of that airports layout is an important factor in security check.

Security has to be conducted in such a way that travelers are not subjected to undue stress. You can easily determine the worst airports by its poor layouts, constant flight delays, as well as lost luggage and several other negative reports that would discourage travelers.

Moreover, such amenities like friendly staff, cleanliness, as well as free Wi-Fi is important in considering the ranking of an airport.

All these factors were taking into consideration when ranking the 25 airports below.