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Delicious pretzels, traditional German music, proximity to the mountains and to the fairytale Neuschwanstein Castle – Munich has it all!

When you think of traveling to Germany, you might immediately think of Berlin. The capital city has much to offer when it comes to history, architecture, and culture – like the Brandenburg Gate, the Berlin Wall, and the Berlin Television Tower. While these famous landmarks might immediately come to mind when you think of Germany, Berlin’s not the only German city worth visiting!

Munich is an incredible example of the German Bavarian lifestyle. Delicious food, stunning architecture, and a vibrant community: Munich has it all. Munich’s history dates back to 750 CE, and as the capital of Bavaria (the largest state in Germany), this city has plenty of sites worth seeing! 

Before you plan your next vacation, take a look at what Munich has to offer at different times of the year.

Visiting Munich in Spring 

Exploring Munich in the spring gives you so many opportunities to truly experience the city. Start by taking a walking tour – there are plenty to choose from – to learn more about Munich’s history and culture. 

Bike tours are also popular if you’d rather go at a faster pace. On Mike’s Bike Tours Superior Tour, you’ll learn about the city’s history in great detail, from the reason why beer is so important in Munich, to the city’s role in WWII, and everything in between.

Or if you’d rather take the city at a more laid-back pace while still enjoying the spring air, make a visit to the Munich Botanical Gardens in Nymphenburg. There are over 16,000 species of plants to see, and the Munich Botanical Gardens are unique because of their decorations. The Nymphenburg Porcelain Factory is located not far away, and their beautiful porcelain figurines decorate the gardens.

Botanical Gardens in Munich
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Maybe you’d rather avoid the biking tour and the gardens because you want to be where all the people are! Then you should plan your visit around Munich Fruhlingfest, or Springfest. This festival on the river takes place over two weeks and is essentially a smaller version of Oktoberfest that happens during the spring.

There’s so much to do in Munich during the spring, but summer has even more to offer to visitors.

Visiting Munich in Summer

All of the spring activities are still available during the summer (except for the Fruhlingfest). However, as the weather continues to warm up during the summer months, even more opportunities to explore Munich open up.

Visit one of the city’s beautiful fountains: the Fischbrunnen, Stachus Fountain, Neptune Fountain, and Wittelsbacher Fountain are all worth a trip! If a fountain isn’t enough, take a dip in one of the seven summer pools that open during Munich’s warmest months.

One of the most popular things to do is sunbathe on the Isar River. All you need is a towel and a spot on the grass. You’ll find plenty of people doing the exact same thing you are!

After you’re finished relaxing by the river, take the time to explore the old town and see St. Mary’s Statute in the Marienplatz. Appreciate the beauty of three of the city’s gates that date back from the 14th century. Buildings that were destroyed during World War II were rebuilt as close to their original specifications as possible. Take a walking tour or a bike tour to learn all about the history!

St Mary's Statue in Marienplatz in Munich, Germany

One of the best perks of visiting Munich is the city’s proximity to the mountains. You can hop on a train and quickly (in less than an hour) have access to beautiful trails. Take in the mountain air, the gorgeous scenery (including cute cows!), and even enjoy a beer at a mountain pub. 

Visiting Munich in Fall and Winter

We’d highly recommend visiting Munich in the spring or the summer when you can experience the city’s vibrant life at its best. But if you’d rather travel in the off-season, there are two ideal times to go during fall and winter.

The most famous Oktoberfest in the world is held in Munich every year, so plan a trip to the city in the fall if you want to immerse yourself in the culture of this traditional festival. Remember to book everything, but most importantly your plane tickets to your hotel room, as soon as possible because Oktoberfest in Munich can be extremely expensive. 

Or if you’d rather see Munich in the winter, visit at Christmastime to experience the magic of a traditional Christmas market. Located in the Marienplatz, Munich’s Christmas market also contains Germany’s largest manger market where you’ll find everything you need to put your nativity scene together. If you have time, you can also visit the Christmas Market in Cologne which is equally beautiful.

Because Munich isn’t far at all from the fairytale Neuschwanstein Castle, you can make a day trip to see this historical site while you’re visiting the city. Enjoy the beautiful castle when it’s snowy and there aren’t as many tourists around!

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