The 5 Most Unusually Cool Laundromats In The World

If you're ever in these celebrated cities, give their uniquely inviting laundromats a spin. You'll find much more to do than just laundry.

When you think of hip hangout spots, a laundromat is probably not the first, second, or fifteenth place that springs to mind. That’s part of what makes these unique establishments so special and stop-worthy.

A few years back, I discovered my first “destination laundromat” somewhat by accident, and my mind was all but blown. With distinctive charm and highly efficient machines, forward-thinking, fun-loving laundromats are finding creative ways to keep patrons comfortable, entertained, and endlessly impressed while their clothes keep spinning. And so, it’s no surprise that “venues” like these continue growing in popularity all over the world.

From eco-conscious spaces with stunning interiors to laundromats that boast arcades, museums, coffee shops, and full bar service, you’re bound to get much more than you bargained for when you drop in to do some laundry at any of these. And frankly, I strongly suggest checking all 5 of these uniquely pleasant and aesthetically pleasing laundromats with or without a load of clothes on hand.

Portland: Spin

Spin Laundry Lounge has dubbed itself “Portland’s Eco-Focused Laundry Experience.” And it continues to make good on its promise. Consistently voted Portland’s favorite laundry spot, it’s like a lively, yet low-key hangout spot where people happen to be doing laundry.

Spin’s initial goal was to make laundry “more than a task.” Today, its creators continue succeeding in the coolest of ways. And I’m not ashamed to admit I hung out here pretty often during a brief stint in Portland.

first floor of Spin in Portland
Spin Official Website

For a few months, I lived the #vanlife. In turn, I spent some time in laundromats all over the United States. And let’s face it: not all laundromats are identical, but most have a way of blurring together for being equally hum drum and rarely standing out. Spin is a definite exception to this rule.

Spin is famed for having “the fastest, most energy-efficient machines in the world + eco-friendly laundry products in a retro-mod environment.” So if you want to do as the Portland locals do, I highly recommend popping in one of the two locations, with or without laundry to be done.

Spacious, stylish, and environmentally conscious, Spin boasts a funky coffee shop brewing local beans, tons of snack options, an upper-level arcade area that overlooks the machines, music pop-ups, and local events year-round.

Cape Town: I Love My Laundry

To this day, I Love My Laundry carries the torch as South Africa’s first destination laundromat. But it still remains somewhat under the radar. But those who have been there will likely agree: its main selling point is the space itself.

facade and sign outside I Love My Laundry
I Love My Laundry Official Website

The beautifully designed interior is so eye-catching that many have a hard time believing they’ve just stepped into a laundromat. But believe it. After you’ve experienced any of their top-tier laundry services, you’ll know you came to the right place to do laundry.

Come to wash your clothes and stay to sip Brazilian coffee at the JOGA JOGA cafe. You won’t be disappointed.

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Barcelona: Splash Laundry

Have you ever wanted to sit at a cocktail bar while you wait for your spin cycle to end? Now’s your chance. Modern and sleek, Splash Laundry offers the libations you seek, the chance to host events, and a particularly swanky laundry experience.

dimly lit interior of Splash laundromat in Barcelona
Splash Official Website

This dimly lit, steel-clad laundromat is known for being a high-end, self-service dream machine that caters to its locals in the most elegant of ways. In the evenings, Splash also transforms for functions and fancy soirees, so be sure to check out the event calendar.

Hong Kong: Coffee & Laundry

Self-service laundromats haven’t always been a thing in Hong Kong. Coffee & Laundry continues changing that in a truly bold way. Taking laundry time to the next level, this little gem is the country’s first laundromat-coffee shop combo. And if you come to do your laundry, they’ll give you a discount on your cup of joe.

outside sign of Coffee and Laundry
Coffee & Laundry Official Website/Instagram

Located in the artsy area of Sheung Wan, this cozy, cool space is a hit with locals and tourists alike. In Hong Kong, many apartments are on the smaller side, so Coffee & Laundry is working to fulfill the growing community’s need for washers and dryers. However, space is limited, and it’s first-come, first-serve.

Help yourself to a cup of coffee, grab a pastry, and give one of their highly efficient machines a try. It’ll totally prove worth the wait.

Brooklyn: Sunshine Laundromat & Pinball

The name says it all, but there still remains more to Sunshine Laundromat & Pinball than meets the eye. As implied, you can play pinball while you do your laundry. You can also grab a pint from the comprehensive beer menu and purchase a T-shirt to commemorate your uniquely fun laundry experience. How you pass the time is up to you, but you’ll be doing more than just your laundry no matter what.

colorful pinball machines in a row
Sunshine Laundromat & Pinball / Facebook

Adding to its unique appeal, those behind this destination laundromat are doing their part to give back, and so can you. The brainy, Brooklyn-based business runs the ‘Spreading Sunshine’ program, which donates proceeds from its pinball loot to hospitals and those diagnosed with cancer.

Who knew doing laundry could lead to such do-gooding while having so much fun?

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