Why Traveling as a Trio Doesn’t Have to Be a Crowd

Traveling with two other people can be incredibly fun in more ways than one, and it can benefit everyone too.

Have you ever traveled as a trio? Don’t knock the idea until you’ve tried it! Some people swear by the power of three while on vacation. With that said, it’s not always easy. Nobody wants to be the odd man out during a debate about where to grab dinner. And who wants to feel like a third wheel?

The good news is, there’s a unique magic that can happen when three people travel together. While on holiday, the pressure of having to constantly see eye to eye doesn’t apply to three the same way it might when you’re traveling as a twosome. Instead of feeling like a crowd, a group of three friends allows more flexibility, more room to breathe, and a chance to get closer as a trio.

If you’re considering a trip with two other people, here’s some food for travel thought.

There’s Safety in Numbers

 friends tourists with map in old city

When exploring unfamiliar places, traveling in a group of three can come in handy, especially if you’re not in the safest area. There’s safety in numbers, as they say.

You’ll likely feel significantly safer walking around as a trio. Typically, you’ll be approached a lot less by those looking to scam tourists as well. And as mentioned, if you get turned around, three heads are usually better than one or two when you need to find your way back.

The More, The Merrier

three female friends laughing

When three people come together, it’s easy to worry that someone will feel left out. But that’s rarely the case on vacation. While traveling, everyone is on vacation, and all three people are exploring the same, new place.

Far away from the daily grind and at-home routines, three people can feel like a party. You’ll likely find that the energy you feel is elevated when there are three of you and rarely a dull moment. That doesn’t mean it’s all going to be smooth sailing.

Disagreements may arise, but you’ll have someone there to vent to and/or have your back. With another person around, you’ll be able to release whatever negative feelings you’re having. In turn, the tension will also likely dissipate sooner than if there were just two of you in a fight. And if everyone is mad at you and you need a moment alone, you’ll be able to take one.

You’ll Be Splitting Cost Three Ways

three male friends in bar drinking beer and eating pizza.

When it comes to the travel budget, globe-trotting in a group of three can seriously pay off. Splitting things like meals, cab fare, and hotel accommodations three ways will be way more inexpensive.

Splitting the cost is one move that benefits everyone. After all, who doesn’t want to have more money to play with on vacation? You may also be able to afford to do things and stay places you’re otherwise not be able to afford.

Everyone Can Have Some Alone Time

woman relaxing on float in pool alone

No matter where you’re going or who you’re going with, alone time is crucial during any trip. There may be something that only one person in the group wants to do. Or, there might be a day when someone is just not feeling up to much of anything. Luckily, three people on a trip actually allow more room to change your mind.

We all need time to ourselves. Build your itinerary in a way that allows alone time for all. The great thing about traveling in threes is that it’s easier to go with your own flow without putting a damper on anyone’s good time. If you want to deviate from the plan, you can. One person will be able to rest while the other two keep each other company.

Find Activities You’re All Interested In

group tour

Trips should include something for everyone. But when you travel as a trio, you won’t always agree on everything, all the time. Still, no one should have to miss out on something they really want to do.

Before your trip, each person should do a little research. Decide on the activities you really want to do and discuss them before you go. This will save you time (and potentially avoid arguments) once you’re on vacation. And everyone in the group will get the most out of it.

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Join a Group Tour

Desert camel trek with a sunset and a berber

No matter where you go, there’s likely at least one group tour worth going on. A tour is an easily accessible group activity that allows you to embrace where you’re visiting and mingle with others.

Group tours are a great way to explore together, take in the same sights, and learn fun facts from someone who knows the city well. They can also give you ideas for where you all may want to go when the tour is over.

Do Non-Travel Things Together Too

three people cycling down the street three ways

If you’re traveling together, you’ll be spending quality time, making new memories, and potentially getting closer. No matter what’s on the itinerary, having a solid bond can make a trip the most fun. So hang out as a group of three outside of your travels. You’ll be building a stronger dynamic by doing activities together.

While you’re on vacation, buy three of the same thing to commemorate your time there. Take plenty of pictures that include everyone. You’re making memories, after all. Remembering the moments you shared is special.

If you take the time to bond with your travel companions, this trip as a trio will likely not be your last. And if by some chance it is, that’s even more reason to make the most of it.

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