Pack These Travel Gadgets To Make Your Life Easier

Worried about losing your keys on your next trip? What about carrying around a heavy water bottle all day? Here are the gadgets that will help.

Are you going on a road trip soon? Is there a long flight in your near future? Or are you taking a short trip to somewhere you’ve never been before? There are a ton of devices and gadgets out there that are supposed to make your travels easier, but they don’t all deliver on their promises. Some of them are a waste of money or more trouble than they’re worth.

Don’t waste valuable luggage space on items that don’t add that much value to your travels. These eight gadgets will make your life easier no matter what, whether you’re traveling to the mountains for a ski trip, to the beach for a week in the sun, or to a new city to explore all it has to offer. 

Cell Phone Power Bank

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You might already have a cell phone power bank – great! Don’t forget to pack it in your bag for your next trip. If you don’t have one already, you should definitely invest in one of these useful devices. 

Part of the excitement of traveling is that you’re not on a schedule and you don’t have everything with you that you might carry on a typical day. Naturally, that means that you may forget to charge your phone at night or when you normally charge it. 

Or, your phone may run out of battery more quickly because of the difference in the network where you’re staying versus at home. If it’s constantly searching for a signal, it will run out of battery more quickly.

Keep a power bank handy (and don’t forget the charging cord!) so that you can charge your phone on the go. Don’t be stuck with a phone that doesn’t have any battery life left when you need it.

Bluetooth Speaker

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This one is up to your personal preference, but there are a few good reasons to pack a Bluetooth speaker on your next trip. First of all, if you’re renting a vehicle it may be easy to sync your phone’s audio with the rental car’s system – or it may be difficult or impossible if the car doesn’t have Bluetooth. You can use a Bluetooth speaker in the car so that you can more easily hear navigation directions, which is very important when you’re driving somewhere new! 

Of course, a Bluetooth speaker is also a fun thing to have when you’re out of town and wanting to relax. Be mindful of others, but use your speaker to help you really relax on vacation, especially if you’re renting a house or condo!

USB Multi-Port Wall Charger

Multi-port wall charger
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Here’s a useful gadget for families or those who have several devices that charge via USB. A USB multi-port wall charger will allow you to plug in all your devices to one port, eliminating the need to bring multiple wall chargers. 

Don’t forget the cords, of course, but you can rest a little easier knowing that all you need is this one charger and the cords for your USB-charging devices, and not a power strip.


Woman laying on the beach looking at an ereader
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If you like to read but you don’t have room in your bag for more than one book, consider investing in a Kindle before your next trip. The lightweight e-Reader will save you space while allowing you to bring along multiple books. 

So, if the first book that you thought you wanted to read didn’t turn out to be what you hoped it would be, you have options. You can always purchase another one on your new Kindle or check one out from your local library, even while you’re away on vacation.

Car Phone Charger

Here’s a must-have for road trips, and really, for life in general. You may already have a car charger for your phone, but if you don’t, you should definitely invest in one before your next trip. 

Car charger plugged in
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It’s a smart idea to purchase a car charger that has multiple outlets to charge multiple devices. That way, if your car does have one built-in charging port, you can charge more than one device with this helpful gadget. If your power bank runs out or your phone is having battery issues for whatever reason, a vehicle charger is a must-have.

Collapsible Water Bottle

Collapsible water bottle and mug on the ground in the fall
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No matter where you’re going, you should definitely bring a water bottle along, and a reusable water bottle will save you in more ways than one. It’ll save you the time it takes to go into shops just to buy a water bottle, and of course, it’ll save you money. 

But if you don’t want to lug around a heavy reusable water bottle, or if you don’t have the space in your bag, a collapsible water bottle is a fantastic purchase. Save yourself space and the weight of carrying around a heavy water bottle all day with this smart alternative.

GPS Tracker

Last but not least, it’s a good idea to attach a GPS tracker, such as a Tile Mate, to your valuables when you’re traveling. You may want to slip one in your wallet or attach it to your keys. That way you’ll always have access to the location of that item in the app on your phone, as long as you’re within the specified distance. In case you lose your valuables – or in the worst-case scenario, in case they’re stolen – your GPS tracker will provide you with more information.

By packing smart travel gadgets – either high-tech options like GPS trackers or low-tech options like a collapsible water bottle – you’ll make your life easier. Relax knowing you have it all covered on your next vacation!

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