Valentine’s Getaways for the Couple Who Loves Travel

Tired of doing the same old thing for Valentine’s Day? Give your relationship a romance refresh by escaping to one of these seven cities.

It’s that time of year when love is in the air, grocery stores are overflowing with roses, and Hallmark card sales are booming. Valentine’s Day has become a season in itself. For people who miss the excitement of the holidays and don’t have much to look forward to until spring break, celebrating Valentine’s Day is a special treat. 

However, giving your partner a gift on Valentine’s Day can be tricky. What if you’ve been with your partner for years and you’re running out of ideas for gifts? What if you’re in a new relationship and you want to do something special? 

A Valentine’s Day getaway, whether it’s for a whole week or a long weekend, is the perfect answer. But where should you go? Take a look at these seven romantic destinations that will help you unwind together!

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Cape Code, Massachusetts

Are you a fan of seafood? Take a weekend to explore the charm of Cape Cod with your better half. If you’re already in the northeast, pack the car and road trip to this quaint and sweet town. Cape Cod gives you access to whale watching trips, wine tastings, and lighthouses. Eat the local seafood and stay in a cute bed & breakfast!

Nashville, Tennesee

Nashville city street lined with neon signs

If you, your partner, or you both are fans of country music, then Nashville, Tennessee needs to be at the top of your list. Of course, you’ll need to catch a show at the Ryman Auditorium or the Grand Ole Opry. Then, take some time to learn about the history and the artists who made country music what it is at the Country Music Hall of Fame. 

When it comes to your delicious Valentine’s dinner, you’ll have plenty of options in Nashville, ranging from luxurious fine dining to down-home restaurants. Charming southern hotels help make Nashville a great romantic getaway!

Sedona, Arizona

Do you love to hike with your partner? Sedona, Arizona may be the Valentine’s getaway for you. Enjoy the beauty of the Southwest and spend some time together outside in this beautiful desert state. Experts recommend the Enchantment Resort, which will give you easy access to more than 300 miles of hiking and biking trails. 

New Orleans, Louisiana

Historic New Orleans building

Snuggle up with your partner in the candlelight of a New Orleans jazz club. What’s more romantic than soft music and the thrill of an exciting city around you? Plus, if you and your partner are fans of Cajun food, then New Orleans is an excellent choice for your romantic Valentine’s getaway. Stay at a gorgeous Airbnb or Vrbo in one of the city’s historic neighborhoods, or treat yourself to the luxury of The Ritz-Carleton, New Orleans.

Cancun, Mexico

Here’s our first international suggestion for your Valentine’s getaway. Enjoy the warmth and the beaches of Cancun, Mexico with your better half. Spend the day swimming near the world’s second-largest coral reef system. Search for turtles and exotic fish before heading back to the hotel for a couple’s massage. You can also visit Chichen Itza, an ancient pyramid, try a Mayan steam bath, or have dinner out on the ocean during a nighttime cruise. If you go to Cancun, you’ll have so many options to choose from!

Venice, Italy 

Couple in gondola in Venice Italy

For our next international recommendation, say “ciao” to Venice, Italy. What could be more romantic than spending Valentine’s Day being serenaded by a gondolier with your love? Eat delicious pasta, enjoy Italy’s famous coffee drinks, and soak up the architecture of this gorgeous, exciting city. You’ll make so many memories with your love in this beautiful city! 

Paris, France

Last but not least, the City of Love is an enchanting option for a romantic Valentine’s getaway. With so much to do in Paris, you’ll want to make this trip longer than a weekend! Hold hands as you walk through the Louvre and appreciate some of the greatest art masterpieces of all time. Eat a croissant at a patisserie or drink coffee together at a sidewalk café. Spend an afternoon sitting side-by-side at the Luxembourg Gardens and soak up the beauty of Paris all around you. 

Of course, you should make the trip to the Eiffel Tower and marvel at the famed architectural feat that’s become a symbol of romance and love. Paris is a wonderfully romantic Valentine’s Day getaway option – if you have a week!

Escape the Stress and Refresh Your Relationship

These seven cities are fantastic options for your romantic getaway. Nowadays, it can be harder than ever to come up with a special Valentine’s gift. If you’ve been cooped up inside working from home together, it may feel like you’re stuck in a rut. Or, if bad winter weather has forced you to stay inside when you’d both rather go out, then you may feel like you already spend too much time together.

Even the healthiest relationships experience stress when the couple spends too much time in the same space – or not enough quality time together. Escaping for a Valentine’s Day getaway is a great way to give your relationship the boost it needs!

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