5 Reasons To Spend Your Next Vacation Camping

Connect with nature and save big when you head to the woods this summer. Not convinced camping is for you? Take a look at why else you should go.

Summer is almost here, which means it’s time to nail down your vacation plans. Your family might have a vacation tradition that you enjoy every summer, like going to the beach or a favorite city. Or maybe you’re always on the lookout for new places to go and things to do. If you haven’t booked your summer vacation yet and you’re at a loss for ideas, take the leap and go camping. Not convinced camping is for you? These five reasons will help you make up your mind.

Disconnect From Screens

Family gathered outside their tent

Technology used to be limited to certain places like the living room TV and the computer at work. Now we carry a screen with us always, a screen that has all the answers – and takes up a lot of our time. 

There are few places you can go where you can truly escape screens. After all, they’re all over our homes, schools, and workplaces now. But when you go camping, you have the opportunity to remove yourself (and your family) from technology completely. 

Leave your laptops and tablets at home. Put a lockbox in your trunk and store your phone inside. Just make sure you know where you put the key in case you need your phone for an emergency!

After a few days away from technology, you’ll find that you feel more well-rested and that your thoughts are clearer. You’ll shake out the mental cobwebs and be able to focus on what’s around you without getting trapped in the news cycle or the latest viral moment. Instead, you’ll focus on yourself and your family – and what’s more important than that?

Reconnect With Nature

Wide view of person fishing in lake with tent in background

When you go camping, you’re not only leaving the high-tech world behind. You’re also immersing yourself in the Great Outdoors. Say goodbye to constantly refreshing your email and social media, and say hello to Mother Nature. 

Even the person who likes nature the least in your group will find something to like during your camping trip. You’ll enjoy breathing in the fresh air no matter where you go. Soak up the nature all around you, from the forest floor to the starry night sky above. Pay attention to the trees, the rocks, the soil, the flowers, and all of the beautiful details of nature. 

For many people, the most exciting part of nature is getting to see wildlife. From the butterflies in the air to the deer in the woods, there’s so much to see, big and small, when you go camping. Bring binoculars if you enjoy bird watching, and remember always to step lightly. Don’t give in to the temptation to take a picture of every animal you see. Instead, appreciate the animals and the moment.

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Save Money

One of the top reasons to go camping is how much money it will save you. For many families, they can save thousands of dollars by choosing camping over flying to a destination and staying in a hotel.

But you will need to invest in some supplies to get started. Tents, sleeping bags, and other supplies don’t always come cheap. However, you can rent a cabin at some campgrounds, which may be less expensive than purchasing a high-quality tent. 

Whether you sleep under the stars in a tent or in the comfort of a log cabin is ultimately up to you. One of the best parts of camping is choosing how close you want to get to nature and exactly what you want to do.

Spend Time With Your Family 

Family sitting together in a field near their tent

Whether your family is your spouse, children, parents, or siblings, you’ll enjoy the quality time you get to spend focused on your relationship when you go camping together. When you’re not surrounded by your normal distractions like work and technology, you’ll find that it’s easier to listen to and understand your family members.

But even better, you’ll get to make new memories together in a new place. Hiking through the woods, paddling up the river, and telling stories around the fire all lead to special memories with your loved ones.

Get Physical

Last but not least, one of the best benefits of camping is that it requires you to get physical. So many people spend the majority of their days sitting and staring at a computer or the front of a classroom. Camping is here to change that! 

While you may sit still while you’re fishing or relaxing during a picnic, you won’t be inactive for long when you go camping. Putting up the tent and hiking through the woods (or to the bathroom) is just the beginning. Gathering sticks for the fire and exploring the area will also get you up and moving. 

When you go camping, you won’t just be clearing out your mental cobwebs – you’ll also be helping your physical health.

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