The Absolute Best Burning Man Photos

Jenny Milam August 8, 2020

Like this intricate mammoth sculpture. The sculpture was called “The Monumental Mammoth.” It was a life-sized steel Colombian mammoth skeleton collaged with metal and found objects.

The Wild Sides of Walmart Shoppers

Junna Resuma July 31, 2020

30. ‘No for real, ask your grandpa, can I have his hand-me-downs?’ It’s rare to see grandpas rocking a summer dress and strappy wedges at Walmart. We’re loving this fashionista!

Secret Facts About Air Force One

Junna Resuma July 24, 2020

30. Phones are everywhere Since this plane was specifically designed for the President of the United States, it makes perfect sense that their are plenty of phones at their disposal. The plane is pretty huge, so just imagine how many phones there are… here’s a hint: over 85!

Flight Attendants Reveal Their Deepest, Darkest Secrets

Hazel Gibson

Why Flight Attendants Keep Hands Behind Their Backs Twitter | JCPHealthrow Ever notice how flight attendants keep their hands behind their backs? The reason they do this is so they can count passengers, and they often do so by using their fingers. However, it isn’t exactly something they want the …

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Top Facts Only M*A*S*H Fans Know!
Junna Resuma July 10, 2020

Top Facts Only M*A*S*H Fans Know!

25. How fast can you write? Larry Gelbert wrote the pilot in two days for $25,000 even though he was living in London because he had grown tired of Hollywood. Guess he knew this was an opportunity of a lifetime!
The Best Hacks for a Long Flight
Maria Newsom July 8, 2020

The Best Hacks for a Long Flight

Before booking: get the best deal Adobe Stock You’re ready to travel… don’t book quite yet, though. If you’re looking for a cheap flight, make sure you’re using a private browser, or incognito mode, when looking at flights. If you look multiple times, the sites will realize you’re going to …
Scientists Might Have Found the Birthplace of Mankind
Megan Smith May 22, 2020

Scientists Might Have Found the Birthplace of Mankind

Archaic Humans There were once several species or archaic humans wandering the earth at the same time. Three of the most important were Homo erectus, Homo sapiens, and Homo neanderthalensis (commonly known as Neanderthals). These species eventually began to interbreed, which is one thing that makes tracing down the ultimate …