Most Unique Hotels in the World

If you're tired of hotels that all seem the same, you might want to book one of these unusual wonders.

Before you check into another run-of-the-mill chain, why not try one of the most unique hotels in existence? After all, you and your bucket list deserve the very best. And luckily, booking an amazingly unusual hotel doesn’t always mean spending the big bucks.

From the incredibly quirky to the unimaginably extravagant, here are 14 of the most unique hotels on earth.

Finn Lough Resort, Northern Ireland

Finn Lough Resort’s famed bubble domes create a one-of-a-kind experience for guests. Deep in the lush forest of Northern Ireland, you can truly get away from it all and sleep beneath a blanket of stars.

bubble dome hotel room in the woods of Northern Ireland

The transparent walls offer an uninterrupted 180° view of your surroundings. Those who’ve tried it out advise booking your stay on a clear night, for obvious reasons.

Jaffa Hotel, Tel Aviv

The Jaffa Hotel is as exclusive as it is unique. Frankly, there’s so much history here, it’s hard to sum up its specialness. For instance, you’ll find an original piece of the wall from the 13th century in the incredibly ornate lobby.

chapel of Jaffa hotel with with original architecture and modern colorful furniture

During the 1800s, this luxury hotel in Tel Aviv functioned as a French hospital. But these days, the gorgeous chapel has been converted into a hotel bar. And while its wow factor is vivid in pictures, you’ll have to see the jaw-dropping Jaffa in person to get the full effect.

Free Spirit Spheres, British Columbia

If you’ve ever dreamed of staying in a floating ball at the heart of a coastal rainforest, now’s your chance.

On Vancouver Island, the Free Spirit Spheres are frequently dubbed one of the most unique overnight stays on the planet.

sphere hotel room high in the trees on a sunny day

Built from local cedar and spruce, these circular suites are incredibly cozy. Once you’re in for the night, you’ll notice how they move with the natural swaying of the trees. The next morning, you’ll wake up to the sounds of nature in a magical forest.

Nido De Quetzalcoatl, Mexico City

Developed by architect Javier Sanosiain, Nido De Quetzalcoatl is designed to resemble a serpent slithering through the forest. But it’s actually a collection of 10 houses.

Fullshot of the colorful and playfully designed quetzalcoatl's nest in Mexico

The quirky development twists and turns for about five thousand square meters. Technically, this one’s actually an AirBnB that sleeps 10, but it deserves honorable mention for its beautiful locale and undeniable uniqueness.

Giraffe Manor, Cape Town, South Africa

Chances are, you’ll make some interesting friends at Giraffe Manor. One of the most Instagrammed boutique hotels on earth, this 1930s manor is home to endangered giraffes. And they’re known for being pretty friendly.

giraffe looking in the window at Giraffe Manor at Nairobi Kenya

While guests are having meals, they’re known to poke their heads through the windows to say hi and request a treat. At $680 a night, it’s not exactly your most economical stay by any means. But if having breakfast with giraffes isn’t priceless, I don’t know what is!

Kakslauttanen Resort,  Finland

At the Kakslauttanen Resort, you’ll have your choice of either a glass igloo or traditional snow igloo.

These glass igloos are world-renowned for the spectacle they offer guests. During Winter, you’ll be able to catch a Northern Lights show while remaining cozy in bed.

Glass igloos at the KAKSLAUTTANEN Arctic Resort

If you’re in the mood to get out and about in Finland, the hotel boasts popular activities including dog sledding and a reindeer safari. 

IceHotel, Sweden

If you want to take your icy escapades one step further, book a night at the IceHotel in Sweden. Just be sure to dress accordingly.

Icehotel in Jukkasjarvi beautiful ice suite and individual themed accommodation near Kiruna

Not so surprisingly, this unique hotel is also an icy art installation. The rooms are part of a museum by day and by night, they serve as a hotel. And while the rooms are bone-chilling, the beds are warm as can be, lined with reindeer fur and heavy-duty sleeping bags.

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Dreamcatcher Tipi Hotel, Yellowstone, Montana

Five miles from the Yellowstone National Park entrance, you’ll stumble upon these lovely tipis designed with both ruggedness and luxury in mind.

tipis illuminated from the inside on a starry night

Each “room” is 22 ft high and comes with heaters, cozy bedding, and spectacular mountain views. Night after night, guests are invited to community campfires serving complimentary s’mores and wine. 

Sextantio Le Grotte Della Civita, Matera, Italy

Stay the night in the caves of Matera. You’ll be taking part in some of Italy’s most well-preserved history when you book a room where civilizations are believed to have resided almost 9000 years ago.

old stone walkways surrounding cave hotel room at sunrise

It took the creators of this stunning hotel about 10 years to carve out 18 rooms without disturbing the integrity or essence of the caves. The rooms are carved directly into the walls and each one is different. During your “at one with history” experience, you can also have dinner in the ancient civilization’s former church.

The Manta Resort, Tanzania

Nestled in a private island and surrounded by coral, The Manta Resort is striking from all angles, but there’s perhaps no room more coveted by tourists than the underwater room.

underwater hotel room with fish swimming in sapphire blue water in windows behind bed

What could be more memorable than submerging yourself in the Indian Ocean for a good night’s sleep? I guess that answer depends on what sea life happens by while you’re in bed.

Jested Mountain Hotel, Czech Republic

This hotel, located on a summit, can be reached by cableway, but you can see it from just about anywhere in the Liberec region.

Aerial view of Jested tower on the top of Jested mountain

Reaching an altitude over 1000 meters, the Jested Mountain Hotel dominates the skyline of the highest mountain peak in the Czech Republic. From your hotel room, you’ll have breathtaking views of Germany, Poland, and the majority of Bohemia.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Often dubbed Dubai’s most iconic hotel, the Burj Al Arab sits on a private beach and remains one of the few seven-star hotels in existence.

As you might’ve guessed, a stay at the “the jewel of Jumeirah” doesn’t come cheap, but there’s nowhere quite like it on earth.

aerial view of room exteriors and floors in 7 star luxury hotel in Dubai

There’s no limit to what makes this one special–or pricey, for that matter. At the Burj Al Arab Hotel, you’ll be in awe of its 180m tall atrium. There’s also an unmissable fleet of white Rolls Royce cars, dancing fountains, and gold leaf everywhere.

Solent Fort, Southsea, England

This private island experience is a little different. Once known as “no man’s fort,” Solent is now a luxury boutique hotel located off the coast of Portsmouth.

in the middle of the ocean, a shot of No Man's Fort in the Solent a 19th Century sea fort built by Palmerston to ward off French invaders now a luxury Island Hotel

Once part of a series of Victorian sea fortresses, you’ll feel worlds away from everyday life when you stay at Solent. It offers nine suites, three bars, a full spa, and reasonably priced accommodations.

Sanya Beauty Crown, Hainan Island, China

As the largest hotel in the world, Sanya Beauty Crown offers its guests the choice of a five- or seven-star stay in one of its totally original and truly innovative suites.

leaf shaped exterior of Crown Hotel in Sanya reflecting on water at sunset

In the southern end of the tropical island of Hainan, Sanya’s magnificent complex of nine giant tree-shaped buildings is unmissable. Its urban forest sprawls over 215,000 square yards and paints the night sky when it’s vibrantly illuminated. There’s also an underground shopping center of 345,000 square yards hidden below.

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