Most Expensive Vacation Rentals Around the World

Have you ever been curious about how the ultra-wealthy vacation -- and what the price tag of those vacations can be? Here are several spots around the world that will answer your questions.

Are you curious about the most luxurious vacation rentals out there? Look no further. Whether you dream about relaxing on your own private island or you want access to the best skiing in the world, there’s a vacation rental that has what your dreams are made of – for a price. These are seven of the most expensive vacation rentals around the world, featuring jaw-dropping views and over-the-top amenities.

The Hilltop Villa at Laucala Island Resort: Fiji 

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You could buy a brand-new car – or you could spend one night at this luxury villa in Fiji. At $44,000 per night, the price to rent out Hilltop Villa at Laucala Island Resort is very steep. However, it’s on a private island and only accessible by a private road.

For celebrities and the ultra-rich, the secluded nature of Hilltop Villa may make the price tag worth it! It’s so exclusive that you need to be approved by the island’s owner to reserve the villa. You can enjoy panoramic views, the unusually designed villa, and the strikingly beautiful green hills of the island.

The Penthouse Apartment at the Hotel Georges V: Paris, France

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Paris has so much to offer. You could spend days trying the food and appreciating the history, art, and architecture. Or you could go to Paris and stay inside the Penthouse Apartment at the Hotel Georges V for about $26,500 a night. This suite provides access to a balcony with a view of Paris unlike any other. It’s the perfect photo opportunity spot with a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower.

There’s also a marble infinity bathtub, top-of-the-line French furnishings, and access to the best chefs and florists in the country. What’s not to love? 

Maharajah’s Pavilion at Raj Palace: Jaipur, India

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At $15,000 a night, the pavilion within this palace is one of the most expensive and unique places in the world to stay. You’ll be surrounded by rich fabrics, gold décor, and modern fixtures, even though the palace was originally built in the 1500s. You’ll have access to the museum, as well as a private entrance, a library, and plenty of dining options.  The rooftop terrace features a view over Jaipur as well, so you can enjoy views of the city in the lap of private luxury. 

The Royal Suite at the Burj al Arab: Dubai 

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One of the most expensive hotels in the world is the Burj al Arab in Dubai. The Royal Suites on the 25th floor, therefore, are some of the most expensive hotel rooms in the world. Each suite has two master bedrooms with their own jacuzzis.

You’ll be surrounded by marble, gold, and rich carpets in shades of red and purple. At $9,000 a night, that’s one hotel room experience that you should never forget.

Suite 5000 at the Mandarin Oriental: New York City

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There are many ways you can see New York: by walking the sidewalks, from the backseat of a yellow taxi – or, for somewhere around $36,000 a night, from the massive windows of a luxurious hotel suite. You can stay in style at Suite 5000 at the Mandarin Oriental, but that’s only if you know the right people. There’s no information about the suite on the hotel’s website, making it even more appealing to the ultra-wealthy who believe that no door is closed to them.

This luxury experience is partially so expensive because of the attention the suite’s design pays to New York cultural influences. Walls lined with NYC-inspired art are part of that appeal, as well as the record collection that reflects the NYC music scene. 

Necker Island: British Virgin Islands

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Looking for a vacation rental for the whole family? At $80,000 a night, Necker Island is an option for family reunions for the ultra-rich. This private island boasts everything you’d expect of a Caribbean paradise, and of course, it’s 100% private, meaning it’s ideal for the ultra-famous and ultra-wealthy.

Guests can enjoy waterskiing, sailing, scuba-diving, and spotting a variety of wildlife under the beautiful island sun. Notable pasts guests include Sir Richard Branson and former president Barack Obama. An ultra-private island paradise sounds like a dream! 

The Presidential Suite at the Hotel Principe di Savoia: Milan, Italy

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The hallmark of this famous hotel suite is its indoor swimming pool and spa. No sharing the pool with other guests! Guests can swim and relax surrounded by opulent Milanese décor, and after they dry off, they can lounge on the velvet furniture. Located on the tenth floor of the hotel, the terrace provides a private view of Milan to enjoy. At 5,400 square feet, the suite has plenty of room for guests.

The price tag for all this luxury? At $20,000 a night, it’s another option only for the ultra-wealthy. The Presidential Suite has featured in Hollywood films and has an iconic reputation, making that price tag worth it for some.

The Most Valuable Amenity of All

The most expensive vacation rentals, whether they’re private islands, resort villas, or suites in the most expensive hotels in the world, all have one thing in common: privacy. Most people don’t need their own private entrances, but the ultra-wealthy may be willing to pay so they can truly relax in the privacy they value.

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