Discover Morocco’s Most Magical Hidden Gems

Say goodbye to the swarming crowds and hello to Morocco's most under-traveled wonders.

Morocco is one of the most naturally beautiful, historically rich, and culturally vibrant places on Earth. In turn, some of its most well-known wonders have a way of overshadowing its lesser-traveled treasures. Until now, that is.

As we all know, where there are fewer people visiting, there’s more left undiscovered. There’s also the all too rare chance to explore special and sacred spaces without the crowds or tourist traps. Morocco is no exception to this rule, but the options are notably exceptional.

Here are the must-see spots of Morocco that are too frequently overlooked, according to locals and well-versed globetrotters.


the city of Larache in Morocco

If you’re looking to be at one with history, make your way to northern Morocco. With a little guidance, you’ll find the ancient city of Larache alongside the Atlantic Coast. And be sure to bring your camera for this one. The perfect blend of subculture creativity and historic preservation, Larache is known for its mesmerizing street art.

Take a winding stroll through this unique piece of Morocco’s past and see how the locals once lived. Here are five of the best things to do in Larache, compliments of Tripadvisor.

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waterfall in Azigza National Park, Morocco

Khenifra is one of the most beautiful and underrated travel locales in Morocco. Nestled alongside the Oum Er-Rbia river, you’ll be fully surrounded by natural wonder. The best of both worlds, you’re never too far from the city.

Put a day aside to hike the Atlas Mountains. The High Atlas region boasts several peaks over 13,000 feet. And you never know when you’ll stumble upon a cascading waterfall.


hiking in river high atlas morocco

Take a trip to the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains and you’ll be in the heart of Demnate. One of the oldest cities in southern Morocco, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more off-beat area to marvel at history, uninterrupted nature, and the countryside.

On your hike, be sure to pass through the stone arch of Imi n’Ifri. It’s one of the area’s most special features. Wander around the medina and immerse yourself in local culture. Or, retrace dinosaur steps in red rock found just outside the city.


Alley in the ancient Moroccan city of Ouezzane

Once revered as the spiritual heartland of Morocco, Ouezzane is ideal for those who seek an intimate exploration of the region’s religious history and rich culture. Believed to be the site where several miracles were once performed, this historic city is considered holy ground among many locals.

Today, it remains the spiritual capital of Morocco, especially for those who practice Sufism. Its stunning mountains and colorful architecture also make it a strolling hotspot for “in the know” travelers.

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A view from a mountain in the city of Safi, showing the Atlantic Ocean and the city of Safi.

In this vibrant port city along the Atlantic Coast, old and new Morocco collide. From cathedral ruins to top dollar oceanfront property, it’s an endless feast for the eyes.

Built by Portuguese colonizers, the city is full of local flavor and charm. But of all the most breathtaking aspects, the cliffside coastal view is hard to top, unless you’re one of the surfers.


Bad al gharbi great historic gate in Oujda east of Morocco

Located in northeast Morocco, Oujda is the perfect city for those seeking a serene, laid-back getaway. But it’s rarely found on lists of places to go in the far east.

Of all there is to see and do, Park Lalla Aicha is dubbed a must-stroll spot, especially when the temperatures rise. But locals tend to agree that if you do just one thing, be sure to take the train.

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El Jebha

Boat trip in El jebha city in the mediterranean

Sitting along the Rif Mountains, you’ll find the quaint port town of El Jebha. And while it might seem like little goes on here, there’s more to this bay area town than meets the immediate eye. You just need to head to the water.

Take a scenic boat ride around the harbor and breathe in the Mediterranian Sea. Swim in the glimmering blue water or lounge on the rocky beaches.

Imouzzer Ida Ou Tanane

dive in a waterfall lake Imouzzer Ida Ou Tanane near Agadir Morocco

If you want to see the creme de la creme of waterfalls, Imouzzer Ida Ou Tanane is the hidden gem to explore. Take a waterfall excursion through Paradise Valley or dive into the cool, blue-green pools below.

Those who’ve traveled to this hidden heaven say if you’re looking to unwind in natural beauty, Imouzzer Ida Ou Tanane is a Moroccan oasis like no other.

Fint Oasis

Beautiful Desert oasis landscape in Oasis De Fint near Ourzazate in Morocco, North Africa

Fint Oasis is nothing short of a palm-covered paradise. Located along the Anti-Atlas Mountains and beneath tropical fruit trees, it’s a jungly hideaway in the middle of the desert.

Comprised of four villages, the overall vibe is lowkey, with little tourism anywhere in sight. Still, it’s not just the locals who make the most of this lush, sprawling land. Thanks to its awe-inspiring backdrop, movies like Prince of Persia, Kingdom of Heaven, and Babel were all filmed here.

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