Ideal Destinations For Getting Off The Grid

In need of a digital detox? These destinations were masterfully designed with unwinding and unplugging in mind.

These days, unplugging from digital distractions is not always easy. The hyper-connected world is forever buzzing all around us. Finding ways to center ourselves not only remains necessary, but it’s now becoming more and more of a luxury.

More often than not, travelers have begun to seek out experiences that allow them to disconnect from their wifi and reconnect with themselves and their surroundings. Thankfully, a number of luxury destinations have taken it upon themselves to offer technology-light packages and in some cases, a true chance to get completely off the grid.

If you find yourself in need of a digital detox, you’re not alone. Here are some places you might want to travel to next.

Amankora, Bhutan

Taktshang Goemba, Tiger nest monastery, Bhutan

Located between the Tibetan Plateau and India, this Bhutan resort is set in a remote area that once spent an extensive period under self-imposed isolation. And now, it’s one of the best places to go for a technology-free vacation. In many ways, you’ll feel like you’re stepping into another, less hive-minded time. For instance, the internet wasn’t legal in Bhutan until 1999.

If you’re looking for a luxury resort in Bhutan, there are plenty to choose from these days. However, Amankora is less about opulent luxury and more about living in the present moment. With no choice but to get out and about, you’ll spend most of your time hiking the Himalayans, freshwater fishing, enjoying ancient spa treatments, and maybe even meditating in a 7th-century Buddhist monastery.

For those who need to quiet their busy and bogged-down minds, the serene simplicity of Amankora gives a new meaning to luxury.

Chiva Som, Thailand

A beautiful view of the Chiva Som Resort in Hua Hin

Venture to Thailand to experience one of the most celebrated temples of wellness in existence. Surrounded by Hua Hin’s gorgeous coastline, Chiva Som has been rejuvenating the minds and bodies of its guests for nearly 30 years. It was recently voted Top Resort Destination Spa in the World by Conde Nast Travelers’ Readers’ Choice Awards.

Prepare to say bye-bye to your digital devices for most of your stay. Using one’s electronic devices beyond one’s private room is strongly discouraged. And while you’re here, it’s important to be fully present to get the most this wellness spa has to offer.

Chiva Som invites guests to disconnect and reconnect with a menu boasting over 200 expert-led treatments, programs, packages, and classes. From chakra balancing to probiotic-infused colonics, this award-winning resort aims to cure whatever ails you and help you find harmony within.

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New Camaldoli, Hermitage, California

Blooming at Bixby Bridge in Big Sur

California natives have been escaping city life for a breath of fresh air at Big Sur for decades. Cascading along the central coast, the mountains, the redwoods, the oak forest, the bay laurel, and the cliff-lined beaches have been a source of inspiration for artists and weary travelers for just as long.

Big Sur’s biggest allure is the chance for true solitude surrounded by naturally stunning scenery. And if tranquility and picturesque views are what you seek, New Camaldoli Hermitage, a working Benedictine monastery, is the ideal place to stay. While not required to do anything you don’t want to, guests are invited to participate in various monastery rituals, including daily prayers.

Villa Stephanie, Germany

Hotel called 'Villa Stephanie' located in public park called 'Lichtentaler Allee'

The historic Villa Stéphanie is one of Europe’s most elegant and electronically-limiting retreats. If that’s what you’re into, that is. At this popular enclave, you can dive straight into a digital detox with the push of a button.

Due to its copper-plated wall installation, every room and suite comes equipped with a bedside switch that allows guests to turn off Wi-Fi and all electronics in an instant. Once your world’s away from the digital world’s white noise, you’re invited to become fully at one with your spa experience in a freeing and luxurious way. Take a dip in the grand indoor pool or spend some time in the sauna. You’ll also have your pick of transformative sessions led by in-house specialists. But many say the breathtaking views of the Oos River from their rooms and private terraces is one of the most transformative aspects of all.

Chumbe Island Coral Park, Zanzibar, Tanzania

aerial view of the chumbe island coral park, Zanzibar

Are you looking to go completely off the grid? Check into a private bungalow at this private nature reserve on this far away island. Six miles from Zanzibar, you’ll be dropped into the heart of nature at the Chumbe Island Coral Park. And it’s a snorkeler’s dreamscape. This natural park and sanctuary is home to over 400 species of tropical fish all swimming around in more varieties of coral than you’ll find almost anywhere else.

And don’t let the rustic digs fool you. True innovation is all around this literal ocean-front property. You’ll have no electricity in your eco-bungalow, but the reality is, you won’t need it. The soft breezes from the Indian Ocean will keep you cool. Listen to the rainwater as it collects on the rooftop. The solar energy stored above will help to heat your shower and power things like reading lights.

Sheldon Chalet, Alaska

Sheldon Chalet, located right under the Denali summit and it is only accessible by helicopter.

Alaska’s Sheldon Chalet offers a getaway like no other in more ways than one. For starters, you can only get to this stunning lodge by plane or helicopter. And I suggest you settle in. Talkeetna, the only town “nearby,” is more than 50 miles from where you’ll be staying.

Perched atop a lone glacier, you’ll have no Wi-Fi, no cell service, and no need to go anywhere during your stay. Sheldon Chalet is as famed for being at the height of luxury as its mountainous peaks. Go skiing, go hiking, and hear your voice echo through the valley below. And why stare into your devices when can gaze into the night sky and watch aurora borealis-watching swirl overhead?

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CABN, Australia

A Tiny Home In Australian Wilderness

CABN: Off-Grid Tiny Cabin Accommodation was created to help people find a real way to disconnect from daily to-dos and commune with the wonders of nature. For those looking to find something off-the-grid, sustainable, eco-friendly, and affordable, these tiny houses peppered throughout Australia’s endlessly gorgeous landscapes couldn’t be more ideal.

No matter where you decide to stay, the wildlife sightings will likely be abundant. For instance, CABN’s Adelaide Hills location in South Australia is a rural, rustic retreat famed for its gorgeous gardens and neighboring kangaroos.

Punta Placer, Oaxaca, Mexico

view from private cabana bathroom overlooking the ocean in Puntar Place
Puntar Place Official Website

Punta Placer is another collection of beachfront bungalows that allow you to undergo a full digital detox. Nestled within a quaint village of San Agustinillo, you’ll be getting in touch with nature whether you’re inside or outdoors.

Lay beneath your palm roof and listen to the ocean waves roll and the rustle of the coconut trees. Enjoy the breeze of the Pacific as it weaves its way through your bamboo windows. San Agustinillo is any beach enthusiast’s or hiker’s dream. It’s also a lush home to protected wildlife and endless natural wonders. Make your way to the Oaxaca rainforest for one of the most peaceful and eye-catching hikes of your life.


Cabin house in style of mountain houses in middle of a forest

Looking to temporarily escape the daily grind? Getaway is here to help. This modern, mindful travel company has set up tiny minimalist cabins on the outskirts of metropolitan areas like New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, to name a few big ones. Travelers are given a chance to lock up their phones and embrace solitude “where free time is second nature.”

If you feel lost at first, don’t fret. You’ll be given guidebooks that map out local hikes, nearby activities, and native wildlife. Your temporary, tiny home will also be furnished with board games and books for your low-maintenance entertainment. And I strongly suggest bringing your own set of binoculars for some truly spectacular, off-grid birdwatching.

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