Halloween Fun for the Whole Family

Trick-or-treaters and Halloween fanatics will love what these three U.S. cities have to offer during Spooky Season.

What makes an area good for trick-or-treating? There are quite a few factors that determine how fit a neighborhood is for spooky season, and it also depends on who you’re asking.

Wealthy neighborhoods often have the biggest candy, which is a major perk, but that doesn’t always make for the best experience. Tricks and frights are just as much a part of the Halloween experience as the treats!


That’s why neighborhoods that know how to emphasize their spookiest spots and celebrate the season are considered some of the best places to be during Halloween. Today, we’re highlighting three of the best spooky cities in America.

These towns offer Halloween experiences and spectacles that will delight families, thrill-seekers, and Halloween fanatics of all kinds.

Cleveland, OH


Cleveland and its surrounding suburbs are some of the best in the country for Halloween fun and frights. They have several haunted houses that range from slightly scary to totally terrifying. The Haunted Schoolhouse and Laboratory in Akron is one of the most legendary haunted house experiences around. The out-of-this-world props, costumed actors, and real-life ghost story that started it all entertain thousands of thrill-seekers every fall.

There are also at least three haunted restaurants in Cleveland proper. One of them is Lockkeepers, an establishment originally built on Rockside and Canal, where employees reported spooky, paranormal events that happened in the basement with frequency. In its new location across the canal, a customer said that all the pictures in a certain room turned sideways when she entered. Scared yet?

At Johnny Mango World Café & Bar, owner Shelley Underwood went from skeptic to believer when she was shaken by the eerie things happening as she was trying to open the restaurant. She hired a well-known Cleveland ghostbuster, Mary Ann Winkowski, to help. Underwood is now convinced that Winkowski removed four spirits from the restaurant, and 22 years later, people still visit for the delicious food and the spooky history.

Presidio Heights in San Francisco, CA

Presidio Heights / Shutterstock

Presidio Heights is a wealthy San Francisco neighborhood that features two shopping districts, as well as the Consulate-General of South Korea in SF, the Jewish Community Center of SF, and the home of the Consul General of India. That’s quite a lot of prestige to brag about!

Many of the historic mansions and gigantic homes in Presidio Heights are owned by highly successful tech moguls from Silicon Valley. The neighborhood is far enough away from the heart of the city that it feels calm and serene, but it has enough happening in its restaurants and stores that it feels hip and happening.

Most homes in Presidio Heights go for over eight figures, and the residents seem to love it too much to leave. If someone wants to move into this spectacular neighborhood, they have to wait patiently for somebody to sell their home. Anyone who cannot spend at least one million dollars might be able to find a one-bedroom condo that fits their budget.


Trick-or-treaters can walk the palm-tree-lined streets and enjoy stunning nighttime views of the Golden Gate Bridge this Halloween in Presidio Heights. But more importantly, they’ll get to go home with some high-quality candy!

It’s no wonder that Zillow ranked Presidio Heights as the #1 neighborhood for trick-or-treating in 2020. The residents of the neighborhood love the holiday! By mid-October, many houses are decked out in cobwebs, pumpkins, and spectacular front yard displays.

If you want to find some of the biggest candy bars in the country, treat the kids to a Halloween trick-or-treating spree in Presidio Heights. Don’t let their wealth make you think they’re uptight; these people know how to have a great time on Halloween.

Patterson Park in Baltimore, MD

Patterson Park / Shutterstock

Patterson Park is a 137-acre park that is bordered by the neighborhoods of Butchers Hill, Highlandtown, Canton, and Patterson Park. For over 20 years, Patterson Park has been the location of one of the country’s most festive Halloween celebrations: The Great Halloween Lantern Parade and Festival.

The festival is held each year on the last Saturday of October, and it’s an all-day and night event. During the day, a kids’ costume contest kicks off the fun. Other activities offered at the festival include lantern making, hayrides, arts and crafts, markets, and live music. Adults will love the food trucks that drive in from around town, and the beer garden is especially popular, too.


When the sun goes down, festival-goers are encouraged to grab a lantern and join the parade whether they are wearing a costume or not. Thousands gather each year to light up the night and ring in Halloween with an entire day’s worth of fun.

Each year, the festival runners choose a theme that sets the tone for the festivities. Past themes include Cosmic Park; Kaleidoscope; Electric; Día de Los Muertos; Phantasmic Creatures of Earthly Delight, and Rise. No one has yet announced this year’s theme, so if you plan to visit Patterson Park, be sure to stay updated with their plans.

Anyone looking for a full day’s worth of Halloween fun will love the traditions of Patterson Park.

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