Flight Attendants Want You To Stop Doing These 7 Things

Stop begging for that open seat in first class!

I don’t know what happens when people board a flight, but sometimes their common sense seems to get left on the ground.

I have seen grown adults become unreasonably impatient, throw fits, and basically turn into demanding toddlers. And unfortunately, the flight attendants usually bear the brunt of it.

Flight attendants are there to keep the plane tidy and take drink orders, but more importantly, they are on a plane to keep everyone safe. It’s important to remember that they deserve the utmost respect for everything they do.

Don’t be that passenger. These are the things that flight attendants want you to stop doing!

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Immediately Asking for Things During Boarding

flight attendant handing man a water

Boarding can be a chaotic time for us passengers, but it’s equally (if not moreso) chaotic for crew members. And those pre-flight safety demonstrations are a required part of the whole ordeal, too. Flight attendants only have so much time to get everyone buckled up and ready for takeoff.

No matter what it is, if it isn’t immediately necessary or an emergency, wait until after takeoff. Take your medication in the gate area before boarding the plane. If you tend to get chilly, prepare ahead of time by wearing pants and packing a blanket or sweatshirt instead of trying to get one as soon as you walk on the plane. You don’t need to ask for a blanket while your flight attendant is walking down the aisle with a life vest.

Touching a Flight Attendant

I feel like people are generally getting better about this, but touching without consent is a no-no, even when it comes to flight attendants. If you wouldn’t touch random strangers on the ground, why would you do it in the air? You may not see any harm in tapping someone to get their attention, but just don’t do it. You’re invading a stranger’s personal space and it’s rude.

Similarly, you shouldn’t shake things in their faces, flag them down, or snap your fingers at them. Wait your turn and use your words. If you can’t see the crew member’s name tag, a simple “excuse me” will work just fine. A little respect can go a long way!

Not Taking Off Your Headphones

wearing headphones on a plane

You know what else is rude? Not bothering to take off your headphones or remove your ear buds when a flight attendant is trying to speak to you. If you were in their shoes, wouldn’t you perceive that as kind of disrespectful?

Although it’s simply rude to keep your headphones on and ignore a flight attendant when they greet you, it’s a downright hassle when they are trying to take your drink order. You’re holding everyone up (and being really annoying) when you keep saying, “What?”

Asking a Flight Attendant for an Upgrade

unhappy flight attendant

Maybe it’s because we’ve all watched too many movies, but stop asking flight attendants to upgrade you to first class. Even if you see an empty seat in first class, avoid the temptation. Unless a gate agent upgrades you or you pay for a first-class seat before getting on the plane, you’re not going to sit there. And flight attendants don’t even have the authority to upgrade your seat, to begin with.

Never just go sit in an open seat in first class on your own, either. It’s going to be awkward when a flight attendant inevitably walks you back to your actual seat and everyone on the plane watches.

Taking Off Your Shoes

Please don’t take your shoes off during the flight. You’re sharing close quarters with a lot of other people, and there’s nowhere for them to go. You definitely should not walk around the plane or go to the bathroom with bare feet or in socks, and never put your feet up on the back of the seat in front of you, either.

Even if you bathed right before you hopped on the plane, please just leave those shoes on. Flight attendants and other passengers alike don’t want to be anywhere near your bare feet.

Drinking Too Much

airplane drink cart

Go easy on the alcohol while flying. It’s understandable that you may be nervous, but you need to rein it in a little while on the plane. You don’t want to be the person who gets banned from flying because you couldn’t control yourself and did something stupid. It’s important to note that oxygen levels are lower during a flight than when you’re on the ground, making you feel more intoxicated.

If you need to take a sleeping pill or anti-anxiety medication while flying, I’d suggest not drinking alcohol at all. You might wind up with some really intense side effects, making you sloppy or belligerent.

Not Being Appreciative

Hey, flight attendants are just regular people doing their job, just like you do when you go to work. Besides, they just did a lot for everyone on board, and they’re about to do it all over again once you get off the plane.

Treat them with respect, and take the time to say “thank you.”

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