Endangered Destinations To Visit Before It’s Too Late

Many incredible destinations are actually in danger of disappearing. If you hope to visit these amazing locales, it might be time to make those travel plans before it's too late!

There are plenty of amazing destinations to visit across the globe. Unfortunately, some of these incredible locations might not be around for much longer.

Whether it’s natural conditions or human carelessness that’s destroying them, these destinations are in danger of disappearing. If you hope to ski down the slopes of the Alps, or experience paradise in the Maldives, you might want to book those travel plans sooner than later.

Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy

If you dream of taking a gondola ride through Venice, you might want to do it soon. We don’t know how long the Floating City will stay afloat. It is no secret that Venice has been gradually sinking for centuries. It has sunk by about nine inches in just the last century. At the same time, the waters around Venice are rising, contributing to the city’s inevitable disappearance.

The Outer Banks

Steeped in history and known for expansive sandy beaches, North Carolina’s Outer Banks are a popular vacation destination. But if you’re hoping to visit these barrier islands, you might want to go ahead and start planning your trip. Erosion has been a problem for many years, and about six feet of land erodes each year. Historic landmarks, such as the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, are in danger, as homes and other structures in some areas have already been lost.

The Maldives


The Maldives, an island nation in the Indian Ocean, is known for being a slice of paradise. However, this nation of islands is the lowest-lying country in the world, and rising sea levels are putting it in danger. This dream destination could be fully submerged and lost forever in the next century.

French Vineyards

France is one of the largest wine producers in the world and, therefore, is the home of many picturesque vineyards. Unfortunately, rising temperatures are threatening the traditional winemaking regions of France. The grapes used to produce wine are extremely sensitive to climate change, and extreme weather conditions along with increasing temperatures are threatening French vineyards. If you’ve always wanted to see Bordeaux, Burgundy, or the Rhône, you might want to visit sooner than later.

The Florida Everglades

The Everglades of Florida is a massive network of wetlands, prairies, and forests. Hundreds of animal species call this unique ecosystem home. But if you’re hoping to see the endangered leatherback turtle or a West Indian manatee, you’ll want to plan your trip sooner than later. The Everglades are disappearing, largely due to encroaching development. Canals and dams have diverted water for homes and agriculture, while swaths have been drained to create more land.

Glacier National Park


This national park in Montana gets its name from the breathtaking glacier-carved peaks of the Rocky Mountains, but soon there might not be any glaciers left to see. The number of glaciers has decreased from 150 down to fewer than 25, and they could be completely gone in as few as fifteen years.

Sub-Saharan Africa

The Sahara Desert is one of the harshest environments on Earth, and it is threatening to take over Sub-Saharan Africa. In fact, the Sahara already covers 10 percent more land since records began in the 1920s. As it continues to grow, it will drastically change the landscape of the countries and territories of Africa.

The Alps

Many dream of skiing the peaks of the Alps in Europe, but this destination could become a distant memory. The Alps are actually at a lower altitude than other mountain ranges, making them more susceptible to changes in climate. Temperatures in the region are increasing much quicker than the global average, too.

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The Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China

The longest wall in the world has been conserved for thousands of years, but it might not be around for much longer. It is now considered an endangered site. Some 1,200 miles have already completely disappeared. While some of this is due to adverse natural conditions, the fortification is also in danger from over-farming, air pollution, tourism, and even people stealing bricks.


This island country off the coast of East Africa is rapidly changing and could look entirely different in another few decades. Mass deforestation and a multitude of forest fires have already diminished Madagascar’s forests by about 90 percent.

The Seychelles

The Seychelles, an archipelago of islands off the coast of East Africa, is also in danger of disappearing. These islands are a popular destination thanks to the coral reefs, rare animals, nature reserves, and numerous beautiful beaches. But if you want to experience this paradise, you’ll have to do it soon. The islands of the Seychelles are vanishing because of beach erosion.

The Great Barrier Reef

snorkeling in The Great Barrier Reef

Australia’s picturesque Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest reef system and the world’s biggest structure made by living organisms. Unfortunately, it is declining at an alarming rate. It has lost more than half of its corals since 1995, thanks to rising ocean temperatures and mass coral bleaching. This isn’t just a loss of beauty, either. The Great Coral Reef provides habitats for fish and other marine life.

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