What Is a Digital Nomad Visa, and Which Countries Offer Them?

Digital nomads have been around for a while, but now there are several countries offering visas to attract remote employees.

More people than ever are working remotely these days. And while some are doing a hybrid schedule that includes a few days in the office, many are working entirely remote. They never even step foot into an office, because they can get everything done from elsewhere.

That opens up a lot of possibilities when it comes to location. After all, who says you have to just work specifically from your house? Surely you’ve seen people with laptops at the local coffee shop, sipping on a latte while they get a few things done. If you have a laptop and you’re equipped to work anywhere, you might as well take advantage of it, right? Think of it a being location-independent.

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The Rising Trend of Digital Nomads

digital nomad working remotely outdoors with view of mountains

However, some remote employees are taking it even further. And by further, I mean not just down the street, but away from where they live entirely! These individuals are referred to as digital nomads – people who take advantage of technology to work remotely while away from home. They travel to different locations, essentially living in a nomadic way, while still clocking work hours. Think of them as modern-day nomads.

You can find them in popular destinations across the United States, or even across the globe. They often take advantage of coffee shops, co-working spaces, public libraries, or even their own mobile hotspots to get their work done from anywhere. Can you imagine working from a beachfront condo, or a beautiful national park? Because someone out there is doing it right this very moment.

The digital nomad trend has actually been around for some time now. However, with companies offering more remote jobs than ever, the trend is certainly picking up pace. In fact, there are countries abroad who are ready and waiting for digital nomads. More than 40 countries have started offering digital nomad visas.

These visas are authorizations to work in countries while you are staying there. They are easy to obtain, just like tourist visas, but they allow for longer stays than their tourist counterparts. You can also bring your spouse and dependents along for the ride, too.

These digital nomad visas are great for people who like to stay put for a little while – “slow-mads,” if you will – exploring a local culture in depth instead of treating it like a vacation destination. It gives you enough time to really immerse yourself and discover new places around the world.

Requirements for Getting a Digital Nomad Visa

The requirements to obtain one of these visas are different from country to country. All of them will require you to have a monthly income from a remote job, and they’ll want proof. Your employment also can’t be with a local company. They also want to ensure that you won’t need to pick up a local job in order to afford your stay. The whole deal here is that you aren’t competing with locals for jobs – you’re bringing your own.

The fees will vary, as well. They can range anywhere from $200 to $2,000. You may even find a few countries offering applications free of charge to attract more travelers. Applications for individuals will be (understandably) lower cost than applications for an entire family.

And if you’re wondering how long these digital nomad visas last, well, that can also vary. Some might only last for six months, while others could last for a few years.

How Local Economies Are Benefiting From Digital Nomads

Woman working on her laptop while looking out over a beautiful view

While this is clearly a winning situation for remote employees with the urge to travel, it also benefits the countries issuing the visas. They have definitely realized the economic benefits of attracting self-sustaining remote workers.

That’s because digital nomads are also infusing the local economy with money. They are spending on goods and services during their extended stay, giving local spots a boost in business. Digital nomads may also be making connections with local entrepreneurs and adding value to the local community.

And for some countries, they are also looking at attracting future residents. Younger digital nomads may use their travels as a way to “test drive” different locations. If they fall in love with a place, they could wind up setting up a more permanent, established life there.

All the Countries Offering Digital Nomad Visas

Prague, Czech Republic

If you happen to be location-independent and looking for something new, there are currently more than 40 countries that have jumped on the digital nomad trend. They’re ready to roll out the welcome mat for you:

  1. Anguilla 
  2. Antigua & Barbuda 
  3. Aruba 
  4. Australia
  5. Barbados
  6. Belize 
  7. Bermuda 
  8. Brazil 
  9. Cambodia 
  10. Cape Verde
  11. Cayman Islands 
  12. Colombia 
  13. Costa Rica 
  14. Croatia 
  15. Curacao 
  16. Cyprus
  17. Czech Republic 
  18. Dominica 
  19. Dubai, UAE
  20. Ecuador 
  21. Estonia 
  22. Georgia 
  23. Germany 
  24. Greece
  25. Grenada 
  26. Iceland 
  27. Indonesia 
  28. Italy 
  29. Jamaica 
  30. Malta 
  31. Mauritius 
  32. Mexico
  33. Montenegro 
  34. Montserrat 
  35. Norway 
  36. Panama 
  37. Portugal 
  38. Romania 
  39. Serbia 
  40. Seychelles 
  41. Spain 
  42. Sri Lanka 
  43. St. Lucia 
  44. Taiwan
  45. Thailand 
  46. Vietnam
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