The Best Spooky Ghost Tours in the U.S.

Paranormal enthusiasts rejoice! These are some of the most "spirited" tours across the U.S.

I love a good ghost story. How about you?

If you’re in search of the spookiest tales, look no further. There are some historic – and very haunted – locations all around the United States. From Tinsel Town’s dark shadows to the site of the Salem Witch Trials, there are a lot of restless spirits out there to be found.

For a frightfully good time, check out some of these “spirited” tours across the U.S. Expert paranormal guides are ready to share stories of mayhem, murder, and mysterious occurances. It will send shivers up your spine!

Black Cat Tours’ Ghostly Night Tour in Salem, Massachusetts

the Witch House in Salem Massachusetts

If you really want to encounter some restless spirits, Salem, Massachusetts seems like an obvious choice. It is the home of those infamous witch trials from 1692 to 1693, after all. You probably won’t have to look far to find paranormal activity.

Black Cat Tours offers the eerie Ghostly Night tour, where they tell you all of Salem’s spookiest stories at some of the most haunted sites in America. This tour has been picked by USA Today as one of the best ghost tours in the U.S. But if you want something that will really get the hair on your neck to stand up, they also offer the Moonlight Prowl – the late-night adults-only tour that really dives into the horrific details of Salem’s past.

A Ghostly Experience Walking Tour in St. Augustine, Florida

graveyard in St Augustine Florida

St. Augustine holds the title of the oldest city in the U.S., having been founded all the way back in 1565 by Don Pedro Menendez de Aviles of Spain. And you know what they say, right? The older the city, the more spirits there are!

This formerly walled city has quite a sordid past, full of epidemics, wars, natural disasters, rebellions, and more. All the more sites to explore on this nightly walking tour! A Ghostly Experience will take you around to sites of some of the city’s most noteworthy hauntings. Follow your tour guide to centuries-old graveyards and down the dark back alleys of America’s oldest city to search for paranormal activity related to its gruesome history.

Goodsprings Ghost Hunt in Goodsprings, Nevada

The desert was once littered with mining towns like Goodsprings, Nevada. Once a booming mining district, it’s now a ghost town that feels frozen in history. Along wtih the general store, elementary school, and Campbell Stone cabin sits the Pioneer Saloon – which is a paranormal hot spot. This is where your Goodsprings Ghost Hunt will begin!

The tour begins with a ride from Las Vegas out to Goodsprings, during which you will hear stories of Nevada’s most famous ghosts. Once you arrive at the saloon, you’ll be treated to dinner before being supplied with ghost hunting equipment. Hear about hauntings in the town, and see wreckage pieces of actress Carol Lombard’s tragic plane crash.

L.A. Ghosts Tours in Los Angeles, California

lantern at night

Hollywood is full of glitz and glamour, but it also has a dark side filled with greed and grisly murders. So while some might say L.A. is the city where dreams are made, it’s also got plenty of nightmares to go along with them. After all, the true cost of fame and fortune can be downright dreadful.

L.A. Ghosts will take you for a walk down Hollywood Boulevard, where you can see historical locations like the Hollywood Roosevelt, the TCL Chinese Theatre, and the Magic Castle. You’ll hear stories from L.A.’s seedy past filled with tragedy and failure – and tales of the unexplained and creepy encounters that have taken place. Maybe you’ll see a star or two, but I can’t guarantee that they’ll be alive!

The Gangsters and Ghosts Tour in Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is well-known for many things, including its “colorful” gangster history. During the 20s and 30s, there were mob bosses and gangsters, speakeasies run by bootleggers – and murder and mayhem down every alleyway. All that gangster activity has certainly quieted down since then… or has it?

It seems like those mobsters are still lingering around the Windy City to this day. This walking tour will take you around some of the most haunted crime scene locations as you learn about the history of these famed murders. See infamous gangster hangouts like Congress Hotel, the Palmer House, and Death Alley.

French Quarter Phantoms Ghost and Vampire Tour in New Orleans, Louisiana

LaLaurie Mansion in New Orleans, Louisiana

The French Quarter, the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans, is full of historic buildings with colorful histories. It’s also full of ghosts and ghouls! And there is no better way to search for paranormal activity and learn about the city’s sordid past than with the storytellers from French Quarter Phantoms.

The Ghost and Vampire Tour will provide you with plenty of spine-tingling tales filled with serial killers, plagues, and fires. It will also take you to the LaLaurie Mansion, where you’ll hear the real story of New Orleans’ infamous serial killer, Madame LaLaurie. Her gruesome torture and murders will send chills up your spine.

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