A Local Guide to The Best Brunch Spots in Savannah

Come to this historic city for the picture perfect setting and quintessential southern charm, but stay for the globally celebrated brunch scene.

Savannah was designed to be strolled. Not only is it Georgia’s oldest city, but it’s also America’s first planned city. In fact, this port city’s original stomping grounds were arranged on a thoughtfully laid out, beautifully designed grid along the Savannah River. And no expense was spared when it came to the details.

Savannah is framed by historic monuments at the center of park squares, deep pink azaleas that bloom in the spring, opulent southern mansions, and Spanish moss that dangles from majestic oak trees all year long. In turn, this sleepy southern city’s undeniable charm keeps tourists flocking yearly to slow down and take in its pristinely preserved setting. This highly walkable city is also the special place I’ve called home more than once, including right now.

Savannah, Georgia, USA historic downtown sidewalks and rowhouses.

No matter when you visit, strolling along cobblestone streets can leave you pretty hungry, making it all too easy to fall into tourist traps offering the best southern style this or that. But don’t fall for the overpriced, overblown hype, or join the line around the block outside of Paula Deen’s. There are better places to eat in Savannah.

There is perhaps no better time to get out and about than brunch and lunch hours. For starters, this is southeast Georgia we are talking about. It’s always wisest to venture into the thick of it all (and yes I mean the humidity) during the earlier, more temperate half of the day. And the idyllic photo opportunities here are truly endless. You just need to know where to go.

Here are some of the absolute best brunch spots in Savannah, as of this moment.


facade of Clary's cafe in Savannah, Georgia

Clary’s is a Savannah legend, and perhaps the most well-known on this list. Originally a drugstore, this classically quaint, world-famous diner has been a Savannah staple serving up southern hospitality since 1903.

In the 1990s, Clary’s became a Savannah star thanks to the novel turned major motion picture, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Endlessly popular with tourists and beloved by locals alike, this is one of those brunch spots that prides itself on American classics, free coffee refills, and arguably the best Reuben in town.

Fork & Dagger

milkshake at Fork & Dagger
Fork & Dagger Official Instagram

When you see a shiny silver diner car with a pink and blue neon sign that reads “Bobbie’s,” you’ve arrived at Fork & Dagger. The roadside dinner first opened its doors back in 1952. Then, The Savannah College of Art restored Bobbie’s and served up brunch for the better part of two decades. Today, it’s where “the North and South Meet in your mouth,” according to Fork & Dagger’s proud owners.

This local landmark might have a newer and shiner name, but timeless classics are still on the menu. If you’re craving a taste of old New York in the morning, this is the place to brunch. Sit by a window, order the bagel with lox or a slice of cheesecake with coffee, and watch the foot traffic (and a plethora of cute dogs) go by.

The Fitzroy Gastropub

The Fitzroy in Savannah bar
The Fitzroy Savannah Official Instagram

Stroll around downtown Savannah for the jaw-dropping scenery and stay for the charming rooftop dining options. When it comes to swanky settings, you’ll get the most bang for your buck during brunch. While daytime is a more casual scene, you’ll still need to make reservations.

The Fitzroy is upscale, but not too stuffy. It gets high marks for its intimate atmosphere in the middle of everything, delicious craft cocktails, and handsome take on “Australian-inspired elevated pub food.” In a city that hosts weddings and wedding parties almost every weekend, it’s a great spot for a bachelor’s brunch.

Mirabelle Café

Coffees sign at Mirabelle Cafe in Savannah, GA.

While the Mirabelle Cafe is a bit more ladylike, its menu has something for everybody. This local cafe aims to “bring our southern roots to carry on the long-standing traditions from cultures all over the world.” While newer to the scene, their standout dish continues to be Liège waffles.

Mirabelle’s says they’re “the quintessential street food of Belgium” and a regional favorite. With toppings like fresh lemon curd cream, cinnamon streusel, and Nutella, how could they not be? Adding to its ongoing appeal, Mirabelle’s is across from the Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist, one of the most beautiful structures in the historic district.

Ordinary Pub

Downtown Savannah, Georgia cityscape with street signs.

Like New Orleans, downtown Savannah is largely an open container area. And so, you’ll notice a lot of people taking their mimosas and bloody Marys to the streets after brunch. If you’re planning to walk around and shop downtown, you’re probably going to Broughton Street.

If you’d like to have a drink before, during, or after brunch, go by The Ordinary Pub. The Ordinary “specializes in reimagining classic pub fare with a new Americano culinary twist.” And it might be worth a visit for the unique aesthetic alone. “Nestled in one of Savannah’s few remaining 200-year-old-basements, The Ordinary Pub surrounds guests with an experience only patinaed charm can provide,” per Open Table.

Cafe M

Savannah, Georgia, USA riverfront skyline.

Located within the hustle and bustle of historic Savannah’s riverfront, Cafe M is an authentic French bistro and bakery. Serving up hot plates since 2015, this pet-friendly eatery offers a healthy and hardy smattering of Parisian and American breakfast options.

Cafe M’s surroundings are notably touristy but continue holding onto its laidback vibe, local flavor, and quality baguettes and quiches.

Narobia’s Grits & Gravy

Southern style shrimp and grits

Narobia’s Grits & Gravy calls itself “a modest, down-home joint serving American comfort & soul foods for breakfast, brunch & lunch,” but this black-owned business is so much more than that.

It’s a straightforward, true taste of Savannah’s soul. Try the smothered shrimp with gravy and crab over grits and you’ll see what I mean.


Close up coffee cup with venezuelan breakfast with arepas, black beans, scrambled eggs and white cheese

Low-key and warm, Troupial offers “a nostalgic experience through coffee, and with time transformed to meet the need for homemade Venezuelan cuisine in Savannah.” And its popularity continues to grow as we speak. Located in a stunningly renovated house built in 1915, everything about Troupial is fresh, the prices are reasonable, and the personal touches will make you feel right at home.

While still fairly new, Troupial’s specialty coffees already rival some of the most worshipped local coffee shops in the city. Also, the mega fresh papaya, mango, and tomato juices are all must-tries. And if you aren’t ordering from the mouth-watering arepa bar, those who know Troupial best might argue you’re doing it wrong!

Back in The Day Bakery

sweet baked goods taken out of the oven

Back In The Day Bakery opened back in 2002. But it quickly put itself on the brunch map for all the right reasons. For starters, it’s owned by Cheryl and Griff Day, who are both James Beard–nominated bakers.

These brunch brainiacs might be best known for their decadently topped buttermilk biscuits. But this is the bakery to venture to for a daily-changing selection of pies, muffins, scones, and then some.

The Grey

Girls having fun while drinking Wine during a brunch

If you’re curious about what it’s like to have an elevated dining experience in a 1938 art deco Greyhound Bus Terminal, go to The Grey. This sought-after grub hub is hopping at all dining hours, so you’ll definitely need to make reservations any time you go. But I promise The Grey is worth the wait.

With its historic downtown location, top-tier chefs hailing from NYC, and tableside live music, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a brunch spot quite as lively, lovely, “surprisingly comforting,” or all-around delicious.

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