These Are the 5 Things You Forgot To Pack

No matter the destination, these are the 5 things you don't want to forget!

Packing for a trip always makes me excited, but it also makes me a little nervous. That’s because I’m always afraid I’m forgetting something! And chances are, I am forgetting something.

Over the years, I’ve forgotten all kinds of things. From a toothbrush to a phone charger, it seems like there’s always something, right? Did I grab my hairbrush, and what happens if it rains?

That’s why I’m here to help! If you are packing for your next vacation, these are the five things that you probably forgot.

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A Laundry Bag

mesh laundry bag

Ever since I was a kid, my mom has always packed grocery bags in her suitcase. It’s so she can separate her dirty laundry from the clean! It also helps to make sure that dirty laundry doesn’t just pile up in the room – which is an excellent way to accidentally leave something behind when you head home.

We’ve always reused grocery bags, because it’s better than just tossing all that plastic in the trash, and because they’re free. But if you want to step your game up, or you don’t use plastic grocery bags, invest in a laundry bag. You can find these mesh bags for cheap at big-box stores and dollar stores alike.

A First Aid Kit

You likely have a first aid kit at home, and you might even have one in your car. I’m willing to bet those kits have been used at least once! But if there’s one thing that nearly no one packs for vacation, it’s a first aid kit. And if you happen to be flying or traveling in a different vehicle, the one in your car will still be at home in the driveway.

Even if you’re not accident-prone at all and you don’t have kids that require bandaids to survive, it’s still a good idea to pack a first aid kit. You never know when you might need these basic items, and you don’t want to buy a box of bandages at an inflated cost while on vacation.

Choose a kit that includes more than just bandages: tweezers, antibiotic cream or spray, gauze, and more. I also recommend a pain reliever, like aspirin or ibuprofen, in a child-proof container. This way, you don’t have to let a headache ruin your trip.

An Umbrella

woman holding umbrella

I’ve had my fair share of trips rained out. Rain usually isn’t a part of the plan when going on a trip, but it’s better to be prepared just in case. The last thing you want to do is spend precious souvenir money on an overpriced plastic poncho. (Do you know how much those silly ponchos cost at Disney World? Because I do.)

While we’re talking about being prepared, you should be ready for all kinds of weather conditions. Aside from an umbrella or rain jacket, you should also make sure you’ve packed your trusty sunglasses. And it’s often smart to bring along a sweatshirt, too. Even if you’re going to a warm destination, you might get a little chilly in the evening or indoors. You don’t want to be uncomfortable on your vacation!

A Stain Remover

woman looking at stain on shirt

Most of the time, I’m not staying in a place with a washing machine – and if I am, I certainly don’t want to do laundry on vacation. What kind of vacay is that?

Despite wanting to avoid chores like washing clothes, my ability to drop food on my clothes knows no bounds. I also never know if something else might happen, like winding up with dirt on my jeans or accidentally winding up with a pen mark on my shirt.

Save yourself from stains and dirt with a stain remover. Just blot up messes on the go! Not only does this save you in the moment, but it can also help save space in your suitcase by allowing you to pack fewer items and wear them more than once. You know, without having to wash laundry or pay a laundering fee.

Personal Care Items

Most people are particular about their personal care items, but these are often the most-forgotten items on vacation. Sure, the hotel or resort you’re staying at probably provides toiletries, but they won’t be the same. Instead of your detangling brush made for curly hair, you’ll wind up with a basic comb. And we all know that those provided hair dryers aren’t doing anyone any favors!

Personal care items like hair brushes or other styling tools, special toothpaste, contact solution, and razors are items you should triple-check that you packed. I actually have a toiletries bag that is permanently packed with a travel-sized version of my toothpaste, a specific kind of comb, bobby pins, and other kinds of items I don’t want to be without.

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