Odd, Unusual, and Bizarre Tourist Attractions in the USA

Karen Spensley September 18, 2020

Sometimes you go on vacation to see a particular sight, other times you pick a destination you want to go to and find things to see and do. Either way these interesting, kooky, or just plain weird tourist attractions will keep you entertained and scratching your head. You will never …

Do You Have the Guts to Visit the World’s Creepiest Places?

Jenny Milam September 16, 2020

Everyone loves a good ghost story. And what could possibly make a macabre tale better than visiting where it took place? From haunted tombs, to shuttered asylums, to freakish natural wonders and the creepiest accommodations possible, we’re taking a look at 30 of the spookiest places you should visit—at your …

Strange Things You Never Knew About Russia

Jenny Milam September 14, 2020

For a country so incredibly expansive, there’s a lot we just don’t know about Russia. It’s maintained an air of mystery over the centuries, even after the fall of the Soviet Union. Today we’re taking a look at 30 things you never knew this mysterious country. Some are just downright …

NASA May Have Found Evidence of a Parallel Universe

Zoe Jewell September 11, 2020

You’ve heard about parallel universes in creepy television shows and Marvel movies, but it turns out they may actually exist in real life too. In fact, scientists possibly detected evidence of a parallel universe while conducting an experiment in Antarctica, and we have to admit we’re completely befuddled. Read on …

The Strangest Things Ever Spotted in the Subway

Jenny Milam September 9, 2020

Some people are in rare form on the subway. Where once upon a time, men and women would dress up to take the train, these days you’ll never know what you’ll see when you enter a transit station. Today, we’re looking at 25 of the most hilarious and mind-boggling sights people …

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Funny Signs You’ll Only Find in Texas
Junna Resuma August 20, 2020

Funny Signs You’ll Only Find in Texas

Who can’t find something to love about the state of Texas? The southern drawl in their voices, their exceptional knack for hospitality… and of course, their hilarious one-of-a-kind signs keep folks from other states mesmerized. The signs in Texas are funny enough to make the most serious guy bust a …
The Absolute Best Burning Man Photos
Jenny Milam August 8, 2020

The Absolute Best Burning Man Photos

In the era of COVID-19, large-scale events are being canceled left and right. And the annual Burning Man festival in Black Rock City, NV is no exception. The late summer event has been running for the past 34 years, and brings tens of thousands of people out to the desert …
Hilarious Pictures That Define Each U.S. State
Junna Resuma August 4, 2020

Hilarious Pictures That Define Each U.S. State

In these fifty nifty united states, we like to poke fun at our fellow Americans from different parts of the country. In a country 2,800 miles wide, it’s no wonder an East Coaster is so different from a West Coaster or a Southerner. Click through the slideshow to see each …
The Wild Sides of Walmart Shoppers
Junna Resuma July 31, 2020

The Wild Sides of Walmart Shoppers

Everyone knows that Walmart is the place to get practically everything you need. From toilet paper to prescription medication and even an oil change, over time, Walmart has grown to offer almost everything. It’s the perfect one-stop-shop. This huge chain of stores is home to tons of well-priced items, which …
Secret Facts About Air Force One
Junna Resuma July 24, 2020

Secret Facts About Air Force One

Air Force One is, hands down, one of the most secretive aircrafts anyone could ever ride. From its sheer size to the hospital on board and the specifically assigned seats, anyone who’s been on this plane left with more secrets than they’d ever had before. The Air Force One is …
Flight Attendants Reveal Their Deepest, Darkest Secrets
Hazel Gibson July 24, 2020

Flight Attendants Reveal Their Deepest, Darkest Secrets

Being a flight attendant isn’t the easiest job in the world, and as a result, most have developed their own set of rules when it comes to coping. In fact, flight attendants even have their own secret codes and guidelines that they’re required to follow, unbeknownst to the passengers. Here …