The Absolute Best Burning Man Photos

Jenny Milam August 8, 2020

In the era of COVID-19, large-scale events are being cancelled left and right. And the annual Burning Man festival in Black Rock City, NV is no exception. The late summer event has been running for the past 34 years, and brings tens of thousands of people out to the desert …

Hilarious Pictures That Define Each U.S. State

Junna Resuma August 4, 2020

In these fifty nifty united states, we like to poke fun at our fellow Americans from different parts of the country. In a country 2,800 miles wide, it’s no wonder an East Coaster is so different from a West Coaster or a Southerner. Click through the slideshow to see each …

The Wild Sides of Walmart Shoppers

Junna Resuma July 31, 2020

Everyone knows that Walmart is the place to get practically everything you need. From toilet paper to prescription medication and even an oil change, over time, Walmart has grown to offer almost everything. It’s the perfect one-stop-shop. This huge chain of stores is home to tons of well-priced items, which …

Secret Facts About Air Force One

Junna Resuma July 24, 2020

Air Force One is, hands down, one of the most secretive aircrafts anyone could ever ride. From its sheer size to the hospital on board and the specifically assigned seats, anyone who’s been on this plane left with more secrets than they’d ever had before. The Air Force One is …

Flight Attendants Reveal Their Deepest, Darkest Secrets

Hazel Gibson

Being a flight attendant isn’t the easiest job in the world, and as a result, most have developed their own set of rules when it comes to coping. In fact, flight attendants even have their own secret codes and guidelines that they’re required to follow, unbeknownst to the passengers. Here …

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Top Facts Only M*A*S*H Fans Know!
Junna Resuma July 10, 2020

Top Facts Only M*A*S*H Fans Know!

M*A*S*H  hit the air in 1972, and went on to make television history. The show was adapted from a 1968 novel by Richard Hooker about three army doctors. The series ran for 255 episodes and had a 2-hour finale with 11 seasons under its belt. Do you have a favorite …
The Best Hacks for a Long Flight
Maria Newsom July 8, 2020

The Best Hacks for a Long Flight

So you’re ready to head out for a big flight. Or you’re planning a great trip, and want to have the best experience. Great! But wait! Before you board the plane, let’s talk about the best ways to make the most of this long-haul flight. From hacks for seat upgrades, …
Scientists Might Have Found the Birthplace of Mankind
Megan Smith May 22, 2020

Scientists Might Have Found the Birthplace of Mankind

One of the most enduring mysteries in human history is the question of our origin—and that mystery has only grown more intriguing with the recent obsession with discovering our ancestry through DNA tests. Theories (and speculations) have circulated over centuries. And now, a few researchers think they might have definitive …
Every Store That’s Closing in 2020
Katy Holloway May 22, 2020

Every Store That’s Closing in 2020

As the retail apocalypse drags on, more stores have announced that they will close their doors. Each year, as malls die out and consumers continue to buy more online, the number of retailers closing stores continues to climb. And in fact, some experts estimate that the number of store closings …