20 Shocking Items TSA Has Had to Confiscate at Airports

Cameron Norris January 21, 2021

Everyone who’s been on a plane in the last 20 years knows how crazy airport security can be. What are the most off-the-wall objects people have tried to bring on planes? Let’s take a look at some astonishing true stories of the most outlandish carry-ons and luggage people have tried …

The 50 Most Unique Vacation Rentals to Work Remotely From

Kat Sweet

If there’s only one good thing that 2020 gave us, it was working remotely. After the coronavirus pandemic took hold, employees were suddenly working from home and attending meetings virtually. Pants? Who needs ’em! But now that we’ve all become digital nomads amid the pandemic, it’s time to take it …

Enter at Your Own Risk: These Are the Most Terrifying Sites Around the World

Erin Long

There are many secret, dangerous, and forbidden places in the world. Buildings steeped in misery, left to return–brick by brick–to nature. But time does not heal all wounds. Sometimes, they fester. These creepy locations from around the globe should never be disturbed. From haunted insane asylums to islands overrun with …

This Is the Best Pizza in Your State – Beg to Differ?

Junna Resuma

Obsessed with pizza? You’re certainly not alone! The gooey, cheesy deliciousness can make just about anyone’s day. How do you typically eat your slice? Depending on which state you’re from, you might love having the classic pepperoni, pineapples, or even shrimp placed right on top. These particular states give pizza …

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The Most Heroic and Savage Moments in History!
Junna Resuma December 18, 2020

The Most Heroic and Savage Moments in History!

Heroic moments in history are a dime a dozen. But these savage moments are seldom talked about, yet are totally worth the discussion. There are numerous heroic acts in history that deserve recognition, but these just might the cake. From a Nazi soldier saving more then 200,000 Chinese refugees, to …